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We are the anonymous job marketplace that seeks to connect
tech professionals with recruiters based solely on experience
and qualifications. This way we help eliminate bias and
irregularities that are normally found in recruitment process.


Our Mission, Vision & Values



JobTerix helps to match the right talent to the right opportunities. It is our goal to fundamentally impact the way the job search functions, increasing the presence of anonymity to create a more fair, equitable and effective job search for all.


We recognize and are working to combat the role that bias and subjectivity can play in the process of interviewing. Our vision is of a tech job search where the deciding factor of who gets the job is an individual’s qualifications and skills, and the job search is streamlined for both parties.


At JobTerix, we believe that employers should focus on recruiting based on skill set and objective qualification. This helps create equal opportunity for those who have the talent to work in the tech sector, without the slow process of the job search that can often be riddled with human error, bias, and irregularities.


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