The Future of Work Week: How it's Evolving

Article by JobTerix - 8/9/2021

“Less is more” - the statement indeed fits perfect with the current working professionals’ lives. The less hours you work the more productive you turn out as a professional. There was a time in the history of humankind when working was less stressful and simpler. Professionals used to work for only 4 days a week with ample time to spend time practicing their hobbies.

With this dreadful pandemic the world is about to walk back to the pages of history. The talk has already arrived about turning back to the 4-days working week schedule. Let’s see how the work week is going to evolve in the future. Read on.

The “Four Days a Week” Working Schedule Post Pandemic

The pandemic has forced companies and industries to rethink their working hours for good. Due to various imposed restrictions like social distancing and lockdowns, most employees are working remotely. But many employees face difficulty remaining productive while working from non-traditional places.

Hence, the companies are starting to plan a 4-days working schedule in a week, to preserve the mental health of the workers and improve their overall work-life balance. Here let’s discuss why companies are opting for a 4-days working week schedule.

Increases Productivity Among Employees

Many researchers have found that adopting a shorter working week helps employees to increase their productivity. In fact, companies who follow a 4-days working week schedule noticed their employees are more efficient with their work. They also experience improvement in teamwork, job satisfaction, work-life balance, and many more. Studies also show that employees working 4-days a week feel energetic and have better company loyalty.

Improves Health Condition

In most companies that follow the traditional 40-hours and 5-days a week schedule, the employees are reporting to have various health issues. Especially during this pandemic, when companies adapted to work-from-home. Many workers faced severe diabetes, obesity, and various heart-related problems while sitting at home and working. But employees choosing to work for 34-hours and 4-days a week, are reporting to have improved health conditions. Thus, it helps them with enhanced concentration and work ethics.

Reduces Stress

As we all know, with great position and power come great responsibilities. So, many employees at considerably good working positions feel stressed with intense work pressure while working 5-days a week. They get little to no time for rest and the stress reflects upon their performances. But working 4-days a week helps to reduce stress to quite an extent. Numerous studies found that employees working under such a 4-days schedule have turned out more successful in their professional life.