How to Increase Your Income as a Software Engineer in Portugal

Article by JobTerix IN DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION - 5/29/2021

If you are a seasoned Software Engineer and looking for that next step to increase your income there are few things you could do besides just applying for top paying tech companies in Portugal .

No all companies pay the same As we mentioned in one of our articles, just switching the company you work for, can be a game changer when it comes to your salary as a Software engineer.

Short summary: that big tech companies pay 50% more for the same skills and experience. More here.

Not all software engineering careers are the same. There are different types of SW Engineers ( VR, NLP, Cybersecurity, etc) and the wages vary a lot.

The table below gives a high level overview how much different types of SW Engineers make in Portugal.

TypeAnnual salary, EUR
Front End22,000.00
Back End23,000.00
Big Data25,000.00
Video Game Software Development25,800.00
Cyber Security33,000.00

So one way to earn more is to acquire new skills and look for jobs like SRE, Cyber Security or NLP/Data Scientist that earn the most in Portugal.

From Engineer to Product Owner or Scrum Master

Maybe it's time to change your career track, but still stay within a software development space? Some career options for software engineers are becoming Scrum Master or Product Owner ,which has a potential increase of your salary up to 45%.

Front End22,000.00
Back End23,000.00