Why Are Big Companies Losing Their Best Tech Workers?

Article by JobTerix IN DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION - 12/15/2021

They're Ditching Their Corporate Job for One With Flexibility!

Tech workers are ditching their corporate jobs for a lifestyle where they have more flexibility and more freedom. Some are calling this move, “The Great Resignation.” The term was coined by an American psychologist named Anthony Klotz, who described it as a call to rethink your priorities in the work/life balance.

Why are Big Company Tech Workers Leaving?

The Great Resignation is a result of a confluence of factors, including the evolution of the “startup way” at large companies. The old rules and processes that lead to long-term careers and stability no longer exist, as big companies have pivoted away from this approach and toward more short-term gains in exchange for more risk.

People want more challenges, more pay, and flexible work weeks where they can spend more time with their families.

That said, not all tech workers are fleeing the big companies they were once proud to work for. Some people are staying because they're still very young in their career, not wanting to leave before getting a chance to gain knowledge or experience in their field. And some are just resistant to change.

What are the main factors that drive these workers to leave?

The main reasons behind this trend is that many workers feel stagnant where they are. They may not have the opportunity to advance their careers with their present company, or may want more benefits and perks to commensurate the time they have spent with the company (tenure).

They feel that there are more opportunities, funding, and flexibility to be found elsewhere. It’s a good time to leave and see what is out there. It may have been induced by COVID-19 burnout, but a lot of workers are making the decision to quit and seek other opportunities that can offer them what they want.

How do they feel about their jobs now?

With so many former employees going for it, the chatter has started about how this movement will impact the global tech market. One thing is for sure: these former employees are feeling empowered by their decision to leave Big Tech for new opportunities.

They feel more passionate about their work now than ever before and aren't willing to do anything else with their lives. They're ready to hit the ground running and are excited about building something from scratch—not just working on someone else's project or solving someone else's problem.

How will this change our industry?

The shift is towards more flexibility from remote work, or even a hybrid workforce where workers can spend fewer days in the office and have more off days without sacrificing pay.

The ranks at Big Tech companies continue to thin as talented engineers, designers and software developers are lured by the promise of more freedom, higher pay and smaller work weeks.

The pandemic changed the way people worked. It forced us to think outside the box and come up with new strategies for keeping business running without delays and shutdowns.

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