Work Remotely for Cool Companies: Hiring Now

Article by JobTerix IN DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION - 10/1/2021

Being a technical recruiter is a rewarding career choice. But you have to know your career path to establish yourself in the technical recruitment industry. Some certifications and pre-requisite skills are essential to become a proficient technical recruiter.

Also known as the IT recruiters, technical recruiters have some duties:

• Create a perfect recruitment strategy for your company

• Identify multiple recruiting networks and sources

• Write proper job descriptions

• Interview and assess potential candidates

• Represent the company at campus events and job fairs

As a technical recruiter, you may need to find candidates for temporary positions, permanent positions, and project-based jobs.

Different career options as a Tech recruiter

HR Manager

HR managers plan and organize the administrative activities of a company. As a responsible HR manager, you have to oversee the process of recruiting and interviewing the new staff. Moreover, you have to consult with the best executives for proper planning. Your major task is to establish a connection between your employees and the organization’s management department.

HR Business Partner

As a professional HRBP, you need to align the business goals with the management sector and employees. You have to know about the complicated employee relationship issues. You should also review trends about partnering with HR groups.

Recruitment Manager

The role of the recruitment manager lies in every step of the process, starting from sourcing to employment. However, you must have a proper HR academic background to become a recruitment manager. Based on the present and future needs, you have to choose qualified employees.

HR specialists

As one of the HR specialists, you will be responsible for a particular type of human resource activities. There are 5 specialties-

• Employment

• Recruiting

• Training and development

• Compensation and benefits

• Employee assistance

With only business knowledge and analytical skills, you cannot become an HR specialist.

HR generalist

You have several responsibilities as the HR generalist. HR generalists must have technical skills to use Human Capital Management software. You have to maintain links between managers, workers, and executives. Moreover, you should ensure a high employee engagement rate in a company. You also have compliance-related duties, like tax reporting. Both large and small companies employ HR generalists.

You can now start refining your skills to become a proficient tech recruiter. Indeed, no one can ensure 100% perfection in the recruitment process. Still, you have to re-evaluate the process to serve the company in a better way.