Rust vs. GO. Which one to learn in 2023?

Article by JobTerix IN DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION - 12/22/2022

Rust and GO are among the most popular programming languages used for machine learning, web development and several other applications. Rust was created in 2006 (By a Mozilla employee), whereas GO was created in 2007 (By a Google employee). As we head into 2023, you are probably asking yourself which of the two languages you should learn.

For some projects, the language you will use may depend on the client’s choice and what they want to achieve. However, most of the time, the choice of which language to use depends on the developer’s analysis. To help you choose between the two, let’s take you through how these two languages compare.

Comparison between RUST and GO

Ease of use

One of the reasons developers choose GO over several other languages, including Rust, is its straightforward syntax. GO’s simple syntax makes it a lot easier to write code. It is also easier to learn if you are a new developer that is just getting started with web development. Rust introduced a couple of concepts like borrowing and ownership that make the language’s learning curve even steeper than GO.


When it comes to performance, these two languages are almost at par. Rust will usually outperform (by a small margin) GO in certain benchmarks. However, there are certain use cases where GO may outperform RUST. So, when choosing between these two, performance shouldn’t be the deal breaker.


Another crucial factor you need to consider when choosing which language to learn is the community. Both languages are open-source, so they have relatively big communities compared to most non-open languages. However, Rust has slightly more developers than GO. Having more developers makes it easier for newbies to get help whenever they’re stuck.

Use cases

Rust is ideal for building things where speed of execution matters a lot. Such things may include operating systems, file systems, game engines, and more. On the other hand, GO is ideal for applications involving big data, machine learning, and editing massive files. So, your choice between the two may significantly depend on what you intend to do with the language.

Final thoughts

GO, and RUST are not direct competitors since they fundamentally have different use cases. But if you are just getting started and not targeting any specific use case, I recommend starting with GO. It is much more simplified and easier to learn.

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