Top 5 Ways to Spot Tech Talent During an Interview

Article by JobTerix - 4/21/2022

Interviewing can be a hard task – so many people, questions, topics to probe for and being unsure about if anyone truly has the talent you’re looking for. When interviewing, it’s important to look for specific qualities that will ensure the success of your project and that your team is full of the tech talent you need to thrive. By identifying these factors, you’ll be able to find the best candidate for the job.

Here are five ways to spot tech talent during an interview:

1. They bring up their accomplishments

Someone who is talented in the field will be able to both tell you what they’ve done and expand on it in depth. A great way to spot tech talent during an interview is to notice if they cite specific accomplishments, and give you details on them. It’s not just important that they completed the project, but are able to talk about the details of a project, the challenges they faced, and how they worked through them to get to the outcome they wanted.

2. They’re enthusiastic about up and coming technologies

It’s critical to watch for signs of excitement when discussing new and upcoming technologies. The most talented in tech see the field as growing and ever-evolving, and see themselves right on the forefront of this. The more passionate they are about technology and innovation, the more you’ll see this in their attitude towards the projects they complete and the enthusiasm they approach your company and your mission with.

3. They talk about teams

In any workplace, being able to effectively collaborate with and find value in your team members is crucial to your success. Tech talent understands that most problems cannot be solved on your own – you need support from people in various areas with different skill sets and perspectives. It’s a green flag if during an interview, they share stories about how they collaborated with teammates to solve a problem. Also, notice the way they talk about coworkers different from them, especially looking for interviewees that value people’s differences.

4. Find out what they'd do if they were in charge

This is a great way to probe into the problem-solving abilities and communication skills of potential tech talent. It allows you to hear about how their ideal workplace would be set up and their favorite technologies to use. Even further, you can see how well they would collaborate and communicate with others. Finding out what an interviewee would do if they were in charge is an excellent way to see if they’re a passionate innovator with a spark, or just a worker looking to clock in and not deeply engage with your company and team.

5. Test their coding abilities Last but not least, test their level of expertise in various coding languages! This is exactly what they’d be doing on the job, and you want to make sure that they’re up to speed and have the skill sets you’re looking for. Testing coding abilities is a great way to spot tech talent during an interview, since they will pass the coding tests with flying colors!

There is so much talent and potential in the world of tech that employers have yet to tap into. When building your company and looking for new members to bring onto your team, it’s important to know how to spot tech talent to get the most out of interviews with potential hires. And, with JobTerix, we’ll make sure that you get access to the tech talent you’re looking for!