6 Cool Companies Hiring Virtual and Remote Workers

Article by JobTerix IN DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION - 8/12/2022

If you're currently looking for a remote position or thinking about becoming a digital nomad, then you know the job search is not always easy! That's why we've compiled a list of some of the coolest companies that hire remote workers. These are companies offering permanent remote or hybrid work—and are hiring right now!

Remote work has been growing in popularity for years. It’s not just a trend; it’s an ever-increasing reality. As of 2020, 59% of Americans worked from home at least occasionally, according to Gallup polling data.

The benefits for workers are that you have no commute, more time for family, and less stress. What’s not to love?


Cloudbeds is a cloud-based platform for booking hotels, apartments, and vacation rentals. The company has been around since 2010 and is headquartered in San Francisco.

The company offers a flexible work environment with 100% of employees working remotely. Employees can work from home, or from any location that allows them to be productive, including coffee shops and co-working spaces. Hiring Full Stack Engineers and Senior UX Designers.


Conduent is a diversified business process services company in the United States. It has over 60,000 employees and serves more than 500 customers in healthcare, finance, and transportation in 2021.

Conduent offers opportunities for remote workers with a wide range of experience levels, including part-time employees. You can apply for a number of positions with this company, assisting with administrative tasks or running projects from home. Hiring App Developer and Support Engineer, Infrastructure Engineers, .NET Developers, and more.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is a world leader in technology innovation and market solutions. The company maximizes the value of technology assets through a portfolio of services, software, and hardware solutions focused on its target markets — large enterprises, small and medium businesses, the public sector, and education. The company has more than 158,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 170 countries with customers across the globe in 2018.


IBM is a global technology and consulting company, and one of the largest IT companies in the world. IBM is always looking for great remote workers to join their team, but they have a few specific jobs that would be perfect for you:

Remote Technical Support Engineer: These engineers will work remotely with customers to resolve problems on their site. As a technical support engineer, you'll need to have excellent communication skills, as well as experience with different operating systems and software programs. In addition to working remotely, this position requires the ability to travel.

Software Developer in Test: This position offers more than just a job; it's a chance to work with like-minded people who enjoy working from home or anywhere else that has Internet access. You'll be responsible for developing new applications or testing existing ones. You'll also need experience with unit testing and automated testing tools.


What they do: Intuit helps small-business owners and individuals manage their finances. It's best known for its QuickBooks software, which helps people track their expenses, profits, and taxes.

Intuit has over 18,000 employees in over 30 different countries. Having an open-remote policy is an interesting and effective way to potentially reach recruiting populations not typically available to a U.S.-based company, while at the same time providing a more diverse talent pool of applicants (and potential employees). To apply, visit the website and submit your resume.


Jobterix is a hiring platform for remote workers. The platform allows employers to post jobs and find candidates based on their location, experience, and skillsets. Job seekers can browse through the listings and apply for the positions that match their profiles. They're always looking for Full Stack Developers, UX/UI Designers, Backend Developers, Automation Engineer, and other IT professionals.

If you're interested in freelancing, remote work, or virtual jobs but don't know where to look, this can be an excellent starting point. It's particularly helpful if you want to work with web-based products like Google Glass, iPhone apps, and Facebook. Jobterix can connect you with more than 200 companies that are hiring remote workers right now.

So get out there, connect with these companies, and be the best person for the job. With the right qualifications, a little effort, and determination, you can turn your part-time online work into a full-time remote job!