Why Lisbon is a Top City for Software Developers

Article by JobTerix IN DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION - 5/23/2021

Lisbon does not disappoint - great quality of life, access to nature, and a booming technology scene await you! In addition to being Rydoo's sunniest hub, Lisbon is a beautiful city that's safe and common among English-speaking travelers. In this article, we will discuss why Lisbon is a top tech city for software developers to live in. So, let's get to our main topic.

Reason 1 : Strong Developer Community In Europe, Lisbon is home to the fastest-growing technology ecosystem. A host of startups and tech companies have set up offices in Lisbon in the last few years. You can find them all over the city, as well as tech talent flocking to the city.

Lisbon holds hundreds of tech events every year. The most famous event is the annual web summit in which people like startup owners, team leaders, software company owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, and journalists take part from all over the world. It won't be wrong if we say that it is the world's largest tech conference that is organized yearly. Living in Lisbon makes it easier for software developers to attend to all those amazing people, develop strong networks, and learn from other people's experiences.

Reson 2 : Coworking Culture Digital nomads, as well as remote work programs, are making Lisbon a preferred destination. In addition to the city's vibrant tech scene, hundreds of coworking spaces have an open concept that invites people to meet, collaborate, and have fun. It allows everyone from entrepreneurs to freelancers to remote workers and digital nomads to come together. Participants come from diverse backgrounds, professions, and countries as well. In addition to being cheap, the coworking spaces usually offer fast internet, good coffee, and lovely city views!

Reason 3 : Quality of Life Despite the growing demand for residential and office space, Lisbon's cost is relatively affordable. A safe, clean, eco-friendly city like Lisbon attracts employees because of its affordable rent and unique attractions, resulting in a beautiful urban atmosphere.

Reason 4 : Networking Lisbon's tech industry is known for its collaborative atmosphere. In a friendly environment where the leading companies understand the importance of sharing knowledge, the sector thrives off a competitive spirit in a friendly industry. It is a place where you can quickly form a network of like-minded people. If you want to work there as a software developer, it will only take you a few minutes to find a place to meet with other software developers and freely interact with them. Also, as mentioned earlier, the job fairs and tech events make it even more interesting for technology lovers.

Final Verdict : There could be many other reasons why Lisbon is the best city for software developers to live in, and we mentioned some of the most prominent ones. There is no doubt that Lisbon is a beautiful city. It offers everything that a tech guy can expect from a city. It won't be wrong if we say that it is a dream city of technology lovers.