Transitioning from QA to Software Engineer: Is It Worth It?

Article by JobTerix - 5/28/2022

In recent years, and especially after the pandemic lockdowns,many people are either changing jobs completely, looking for remote work, or pivoting to a different job in the same area. You may want to change roles or jobs in the tech field because you are ready for a new skill set, you want a different level of salary, or there is a new type of job in the tech field in which you are interested. When you have a career in a tech field but are interested in moving to a different role, you want to ensure that you compare the job demands, opportunities for advancement, and salary expectations before you make your choice.

What are the Similarities and Differences in Both Careers?

A software engineer and quality assurance engineer both have the same ending result, the best possible application, they just have different paths to get there. The software engineer writes codes and tests them at a basic level to ensure functionality. The software engineer utilizes tools such as programming languages, data structures, and staging servers to make a real application.

The quality assurance engineer thinks of different scenarios to make sure the app works for its intended purpose in all situations. The QA reports back errors and bugs that cause problems with the app’s intended function. The QA looks for problems during the development of the app at various stages.

What are the Advancement and Salary Expectations for Each?

A software engineer could move into a role as an architect, manager, business analyst, researcher, or sales. The QA can move into the role of Team Leads, Manager, or Business analyst.

Salary differences, while dependent on many factors, are slightly higher for a software engineer. There is also a similar demand for each role in the technology sector.

The main factors you want to consider before you move from QA to software engineering are the role you play in the application world, how happy you are with that role, and if it fits your strengths and weaknesses well. A software engineer needs to be able to take and utilize constructive criticism, diagnose the fault in the problem, and solve that problem. A QA engineer needs to be comfortable with conflict because your work will be challenged, and you need to be able to define the exact location of the errors you identify.

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